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I bought a pack of awesome blue gel pens bc I hate the cheapo Bic ones at work. So everyday one of my pens goes missing. I’m pretty sure it was my boss but I didn’t want to say anything without proof. So today I caught him red handed and I felt like Milton from Office Space. I told him that I believed he had my pen. You know what he said?! “Nope. Pretty sure that’s my pen. Yep. My pen.” The blue pen saga continues… #silliness

Seriously, best eyeliner ever! I did my #makeup at 4:30am, and after a full day of work and play, it’s now 9:30pm and it’s still going strong. This is L’oreal’s Lineur Intense. It’s almost as pigmented as MAC’s but it doesn’t bleed at all.
P.S. I haven’t washed my hair since Tuesday and today is Friday. Been doing that for weeks now. Feels gross but my hair has never been happier.




but i feel that bitch on a hundred.

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